OMG, AR + VR IRL - S7001

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There’s no question that the future of engagement is spatial, but how prepared are creatives to tackle the necessary creative and technical hurdles to successfully deploy compelling, interactive, and meaningful experiences? And how prepared are they to communicate the value proposition and develop experiences built for success?

In this session, join Carli Johnston, co-founder and head of product at Virtual Method, and David Francis, co-founder of Virtual Method, as they: 

  • Provide insights into the spatial economy 
  • Discuss evolving from 2D creative mindsets and tools to immersive 3D content 
  • Discuss how Adobe solutions assist to facilitate the shift
  • Demonstrate an easy 1-2-3 scan, rig, visualize pipeline to create your first aero avatar

Technical Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Type: Session

Category: Inspiration

Track: 3D and AR

Audience: Business Strategist/Owner, 3D, Executive, Marketer