Photoshop for Beginners and Users Who Need a Refresher — Part 1 - L6154a

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Accelerate your Photoshop skills in this follow-along lab for beginners and those looking for a refresher. Join renowned Photoshop educator and MAX Master Dave Cross to discover how to use the major tools, panels, and commands necessary to produce amazing results, fast. Get a solid understanding of Photoshop basics so you can tackle your next creative project with the confidence of a veteran. In Part 1 of this three-part lab, you’ll start with critical basic skills.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use essential tools and functions
  • Work nondestructively
  • Process images simply and quickly with Adobe Camera Raw

Technical Level: Beginner

Type: Lab

Category: How To

Track: Graphic Design, Photography

Audience: Game Developer, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics/Visual Effects Artist, Photographer, Post-Production Professional, Print Designer, UI and UX, Web Designer