Photoshop on iPad for the Modern Surrealist - OD6126

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When well-known Instragramer and commercial photographer Elise Swopes first joined Instagram in 2011, she couldn’t have imagined that she’d one day be featured on billboards, in commercials, and on mood boards at agencies across the globe. She just knew that the mobile device in her hand held an incredible power, one that would allow her to inspire others while showcasing her unique vision. Join Elise for a behind-the-scenes look into her magical world.

You’ll see how Elise uses her iPad to:

  • Transform expansive cityscapes
  • Take inspiration from Mother Nature by using water and light as a paintbrush
  • Use color to evoke emotion

Technical Level: General Audience

Type: Keynote

Category: Inspiration

Track: Graphic Design, Photography

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Business Strategist/Owner, Educator, Graphic Designer, Photographer