Selling Ideas In-House: Your Guide to Making It Brand-Side - S6913

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How creative automation works in 3 Steps: the art of producing brand creative has changed tremendously. Gone are the days of crafting a couple well-thought print and TV ads. Now, marketers have to produce hundreds, if not even thousands of creative assets to charm and convert audiences online. Brands are taking their creative production in-house for this very reason but often keep the old-school workflows. And it’s A LOT of work.
It’s time for something different. Join the Celtra showcase to see how Creative Automation works in three steps. This new category of software is designed to help creatives free their time from manual, repetitive tasks so they can focus on ideas and big picture thinking.
Join our showcase and discover:

  • How Creative Automation fits into designers’ current workflows
  • The benefits of automating your creative production
  • What creative content scaling looks like in practice

Technical Level: General Audience

Type: Session

Category: Inspiration

Track: Creativity and Design in Business, Business Productivity

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Business Strategist/Owner, Graphic Designer, Social Media Content Creator, Executive, Marketer