What Aspiring Young Graphic Designers Need to Know - S6107

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Are you a young, aspiring graphic designer? Get the answers to commonly asked questions about applying to design school, internships, and how to break into the industry. Join Lindsey Rempalski, a successful 23-year-old freelance graphic designer, as she shares what she’s learned and how she got to where she is.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to make your portfolio stand out from the crowd when applying to design schools
  • How to survive going to school for graphic design
  • Advice on learning Adobe programs for the first time
  • What to look for in graphic design internships and where to find them
  • How to make connections that can lead to jobs post grad

Technical Level: General Audience

Type: Session

Category: How To, Inspiration

Track: Illustration and Digital Painting, Graphic Design, Education

Audience: Educator, Graphic Designer, Print Designer, Illustrator