Animating in Photoshop: Sketching, Brush Settings, and Colouring - S813

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Join illustrator and concept artist Yori Narpati as she demonstrates how she creates animations in Photoshop. Specifically:

  • Background illustration: How she creates styled illustrations in Photoshop, sketching, brush settings, and colour adjustments
  • Setting up the timelime: Her timeline for animation, frames per second, and onion skinning in Photoshop for hand-drawn animation 
  • Roughing, line art, colours: Roughing out animation, doing cleanup animation, as well as how to manage layers when doing colours
  • Exporting animation: Colour adjusting everything and exporting animation

Technical Level: Intermediate

Session Type: Session

Category: How To

Track: Illustration and Digital Painting

Audience: Graphic Designer, Illustrator

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