Creativity and Design in Business with Eddie Opara - MB173

Closed captions in English, French, German, and Japanese can be accessed in the video player.

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Hear from inspiring speakers, who are finding new ways to be creative in business, including:

  • Eddie Opara, Partner-in-Charge, and Creative Director at Pentagram, who has been working with progressive clients at the forefront of the arts, fashion, social change, and technology. Join him as he discusses how he and his team work, how these projects have shaped his future endeavors, and how they have transformed the social and cultural landscape using design.
  • Robert Lucas, also known as The Sweet Impact, is a fan-favorite cake artist. He’ll showcase his skills by bringing an exciting cake creation to life within minutes before our eyes.

Technical Level: General Audience

Session Type: Mainstage Broadcast

Category: Thought Leadership

Track: Creativity and Design in Business

Audience: Business Strategist/Owner, Executive

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