Remote Workflow and Cloud Storage: Camera to Cloud to Adobe Apps - S607

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Learn how to get your assets from your camera to the cloud for easy integration with Creative Cloud tools. Join Mario Monello, Media and Entertainment technology leader at AWS, and Kenny Rajan, AWS solutions architect at Adobe, as they walk you through ways to transfer and collaborate on media and production materials among other creatives and locations.

Mario and Kenny will guide you through creative workflows including:

  • An easy way to upload, locate, organize, and expose media assets
  • Automating tasks like sending raw video footage from production systems and directly from the camera to a secured, cost-effective, and scalable storage system that effectively integrates with Creative Cloud
  • How to lower storage and archival backup costs, improve time to market, add security, and easily scale when media sharing using a simple interface
  • Exploring examples from Sony Ci service and Amazon Studios

Technical Level: Beginner

Session Type: Session

Category: How To

Track: Education, Collaboration and Productivity

Audience: Educator, Front End Developer, Government, Post-Production Professional, IT, Social Media Content Creator

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Creating an Editing Workstation in the Cloud

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