Tips: Forbidden Secrets of the Premiere Pro Productivity Pantheon - S810

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Tame the magnificent stallion that is Adobe Premiere Pro with productivity hacks and arcane secrets. Ian Haigh, founder of Ketchup, will cover a lot of ground quickly, and you’ll and get a glimpse into timesaving techniques sure to make you the most interesting person at the party — assuming it’s a Premiere Pro party.

Topics include:

  • Nesting timelines, for fun and profit
  • Multicam tricks, for profit and fun
  • The weird, wonderful world of Premiere Pro Console
  • Keyboard shortcuts, or “do you really need that mouse?”
  • Making people sound funny
  • The interface customisation esoterica emporium
  • Making dragging less of a drag
  • How to speed up your renders and confound your enemies
  • Scripting — what is it, and will it make me sexier?
  • And more, probably. Maybe even less. But tune in: If you don’t learn something, I’ll eat a...croissant.

Technical Level: Intermediate

Session Type: Session

Category: Industry Best Practices

Track: Video

Audience: Motion Designer, Post-Production Professional

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Masterclass on Improving Workflows for Post-production Professionals

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