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Error "The document could not be printed" when you print from Acrobat or Reader (6.0 and 7.0 on Windows)


When you print from Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader 6.0 or 7.0 on Windows, the application returns the error message, "The document could not be printed."


Do one or more of the following solutions:

Solution 1: If you are printing to a Brother printer, update your printer.

Find the update and installation instructions on the Brother support site at .

Solution 2: Print as image.

1. Open the PDF file in Acrobat.

2. Choose File > Print.

3. Click Advanced at the bottom of the Print dialog box.

4. In the resulting Advanced Print Setup dialog box, select Print As Image and click OK.

Solution 3: Delete the Acrobat preferences folder.

1. Close Acrobat.

2. Choose Start > Run and type %APPDATA%\Adobe\Acrobat\ in the Open text box. Click OK.

3. Right-click either the 6.0 or 7.0 folder and choose Delete.

4. Start Acrobat and print.

Note: Acrobat preference files contain application settings such as toolbar arrangements. Once Acrobat is restarted, new preferences will be created automatically based on application defaults. Deleting preference files will not result in the loss of saved documents.

Solution 4: Remove all documents in the printer queue.

To see if there are multiple documents stuck in the printer queue and delete them:

1. Close Acrobat.

2. Choose Start > Settings > Printers And Faxes.

3. Double-click the printer you are attempting to print to.

4. If there are documents in the queue, choose File > Cancel All Documents. It maybe necessary to restart your computer after choosing this option.

5. Start Acrobat and print.

Solution 5: Make sure your printer is online.

The printer you are printing to could be set offline within the operating system. To see if the printer is set offline and set it online, do the following:

1. Close Acrobat.

2. Choose Start > Settings > Printers And Faxes.

3. Right-click the printer you are attempting to print to.

-- If you see an option to "Set Printer Online", then the printer is currently offline. Therefore, choose the option "Set Printer Online".

-- If you see an option to "Set Printer Offline", then the printer is currently online. Proceed to the next solution.

4. Open Acrobat and print.

Solution 6: Remove and reinstall the printer driver.

Contact the printer manufacturer for the latest version of the driver for the printer.

Background information

In some instances, a PDF file can contain damaged content such as images or fonts that cannot be rendered by Acrobat during the printing process, causing this error to occur. Choosing Print As Image bypasses that rendering operation by sending the printer a rasterized image of the document. This error could also be caused by damaged Acrobat preferences or outdated/corrupt printer drivers. There maybe specific printer driver issues on your system which may require you to troubleshoot the drivers with the printer manufacturer.

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