The 2024 Creative Trends Report

2023 Creative Trends


The creative landscape mirrors the world we live in. As today’s world is defined by disruption and rapid changes, trends and the tools used in the creative process must adapt quickly and accordingly. Amidst so much change, consumers around the world are prioritizing balance in all aspects of their lives.


It is no surprise that the creative insights for 2024 present a balance of speed and sustainability, highlighting techniques and visuals that will not only excite and delight your customers but also offer elements of relaxation and respite to counter the frantic pace of daily life.


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  • Four trends with data insights, including fluid and flowing visuals that soothe the senses, 2D and 3D worlds delightfully converging in the multiverse, and contemporary interpretations of vintage styles
  • Curated galleries of photos, illustrations, vectors, videos, templates, and more from Adobe contributors and artists 
  • Easy to use trend takeaways to get the most out of Adobe Stock assets, Firefly, Adobe Express, and more

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