Colors that go well with light blue.

There is an almost mystical power in light blue. It’s subtle and gentle, but just a little can completely change the feeling of a dramatic scene. This article explores different ways to add light blue into the mix.

Since about the middle of the twenty-first century, light blue has been associated with baby boys. If you’re curious, pink was a more popular baby boy color before then. These days blue is considered more masculine, so light blue is favored for boys. It's a soothing color and evokes feelings of calmness. You can mix light blue with other colors to add a hint of trustworthiness and reliability.

How to use light blue with other colors.

Every color conveys a unique feeling, and for light blue, those include tranquility, youth, and innocence. It can be used as an accent or the dominant hue in your design because it won’t overpower its surrounding colors. Here are some ideas for combining light blue with other colors:

Light blue is often used with darker colors to tone them down. Just a touch will change a severe and gloomy palette into something more relaxing. It can be used in large doses without being overbearing and pairs well with almost any other color. Discover more graphic design tips and tricks to inspire you.

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