Get boisterous with bright orange.

Learn about the color bright orange, its meanings and how to use it effectively in fun designs.

Colors have unique meanings that can either complement, amplify, or detract from your message. This knowledge is useful in all aspects of life but is especially crucial when it comes to design.

If you’ve ever wondered what certain colors mean, how to pick complementary colors, or how to choose color schemes that evoke the right emotions, you’re in the right place — let’s start with bright orange.

What does the color bright orange mean?

BRIGHT ORANGE, with a HEX code of #ffa500 and an RGB value of R:100, G: 64.7, and B:0, is an exciting shade that’s bold, vibrant, and warm. Designers often use this color to convey enthusiasm and cheerfulness — in color psychology, bright orange is thought to uplift and encourage socializing.

It sits between yellow and red on the color wheel, providing a seamless combination of each color’s energy and brightness. Some associate bright orange with Halloween, changing leaves, and the Autumn season. Bright orange hue variations can include:

Colors that pair well with bright orange.

Because bright orange is a bold color on its own, it can be challenging to pick complementary colors. When combined correctly, though, you can create a color scheme that demands attention, uplifts an audience, and inspires productivity.

Colors like bright orange and brown can give your audience a more natural, easy-going vibe as it refers back to earthy tones. Whereas colors like bright orange and burgundy pair well and call back to changing leaves in autumn. Other colors, like white offer a clean accent that plays well with the boisterous, bold shade of bright orange.

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