Walk on the wild side with orange yellow.

Discover introductory information about the color orange yellow. Learn about its meaning and a few complementary shades that pair well with it.

Did you know that each color has a specific meaning? It’s true — according to color psychology, every color can have an influence on how someone feels about a product, how they make decisions, and how they interpret messages.

Color choice is a vital part of any design process. How can you be sure you’re using colors correctly? By understanding their meaning — let’s start by breaking down the color orange yellow.

What does orange yellow mean?

ORANGE YELLOW, with its HEX code of #ffae42 and RGB value of R:100, G: 68.2, B: 25.9, is a warm midpoint between yellow and orange. It blissfully mixes yellow’s warmth and earthiness with orange’s vivid energy. Together, they create a sense of excitement, enthusiasm, and bright energy.

Color psychology tells us that this unique shade can offer vibrance, inspire boldness, and encourage feelings of positivity. Together, these hues take a more mellow, laid-back approach to two of the most visible hues on the color wheel. Some of its variations can include:

Colors to pair with orange yellow.

How you pair colors with orange yellow all depends on what message you want to convey with your designs. Here are a few fun, strategic color options to use in conjunction with orange yellow. Combine it with related shades, like burnt orange, to give your audience Fall feelings. Or contrast your orange yellow with striking colors like purple for a sunset-like glow.

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