Yelling for yellow.

Learn more about the color yellow and how to use it in your designs.

From rays of sunshine and lemons to road signs and caution tape, yellow is a bright, attention-grabbing color. It can be bold, shocking, playful, soft, or happy, depending on how you use it. Learn more about how you can set the right tone with yellow in your next design project.

More about the color yellow.

In an RGB color space, yellow (hex code #FFFF00) is R: 225, G: 0, and B: 255, and is closely related to yellow-green (#9ACD32) and orange (#FFA500). Yellow pairs well with its complementary color purple and can be used as a color palette highlight, or as a central pillar of a bright, bold scheme, such as:

Floral designs: Yellow and shades of purple pair well to evoke a springtime palette — both are found often among wildflowers. As complementary colors, they also emphasize one another.

Sunny days: Yellow is a central element of a fun summer color scheme. Pair it with bright turquoise, loud magenta, and lime green for a look that will bring you right back to your best childhood summer memories.

Yellow highlights: Yellow is also a great accent for a more muted palette. It works particularly well with cool grays and off whites, or tans and browns.

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