How to replace a meme background.

Learn how to swap out a background to make the perfect meme.

You found the perfect picture, but it comes with a background that isn’t quite right. Luckily, there’s an easy way to replace a meme’s background to make it a splash on the internet.

Step one: remove the meme background.

The first step to replace a background for a meme is to get rid of the current background altogether. While that might seem like a difficult task, photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop Express makes it simple.

Once you upload your picture to the online editor, just find and click the Auto-Remove Background button. The software will automatically detect the subject and remove the background, leaving a gray-and-white checkered pattern behind.

Step two: replace the meme background.

After you’ve removed the background, you have three choices:

You can easily replace the background right from the dashboard of your photo editor. With some editors, including Photoshop Express, you don’t even need to download software; you can remove and replace backgrounds right from your browser for on-the-go meme creation.

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