How to make a GoPro time lapse video.

Some fascinating video effects happen when you alter time. To load a ton of action-packed GoPro video into a short clip, try using time lapse editing.

The time lapse editing technique is a fantastic way to show what happened over an extended period in a short clip. It has been used to show how clouds react over an entire day or what a sunrise looks like in a few seconds. Your camera may come with a GoPro time lapse recording mode, but to make sure you can present any scene in time lapse, learn to edit time in post-production.

When your GoPro video project involves showing what happens over an extended period, but you didn’t record in GoPro time lapse mode, don’t worry: You can alter time in your editing software. You may want the time alterations to be nearly imperceptible by just hurrying things up a bit; alternately, you may want to go so fast that all the details blur. Either extreme or somewhere in the middle is possible when you learn to accelerate real-time videos.

Steps to create a time lapse video.

See below for an example of how to create a time lapse video clip using video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Select your clip in your timeline panel.
  • Right-click over the clip and choose Speed/Duration.
  • Click the gang button to show a broken link.
  • Change the time from 100% to your desired speed.

Now that you can alter time, get more video tips and find new tools that will help you create to your heart’s content. Explore what more you can do with Premiere Pro to edit nearly any video clip with ease.