How to edit video testimonials.

Explore these tips to compile a compelling testimonial video.

A video testimonial is a marketing strategy to sell a product or promote a brand. It’s essentially a video of a customer or client endorsing or praising a company, a product, or a service. The subject usually speaks about who they are, what they like about the company, and how that company’s offerings helped them solve a problem. Learn about how to film and edit a powerful video testimonial that feels authentic and compelling.

Top testimonial tips.

  1. Check the facts. Do the video subjects actually stand by these products and services? Is the company making false or exaggerated claims? Make sure the company you’re producing the testimonial for is legit, and that the testimonials are honest. This is worth a little research before you start your project.
  2. Let the conversation flow. Viewers can tell the difference between actors reciting a script and ordinary people telling their personal story. The most authentic testimonials are the latter, and they flow naturally from conversation. It can be good to prepare some general talking points for your subjects, especially those who aren’t used to the camera, but work with an experienced interviewer to draw out those emotional stories.
  3. Get personal. Video provides a window into your subjects’ lives. So don’t just get footage of them speaking to their interviewer. Record them going about their day, with their families, using the product or service. This helps make the video feel more natural, and thus more believable. It also gives you more varied footage to work with.
  4. Listen for soundbites. Like with most videos, no one wants to watch a person speak to the camera for minutes on end. Keep an ear open for those compelling soundbites that encapsulate your subject’s endorsement.

Put it all together.

The testimonial comes together in the edit. Splice together varied footage of the interview and personal vignettes, highlight soundbites, add music to heighten the impact, and try to keep it as short and succinct as possible. Explore how you can do all of this and more in Adobe Premiere Pro, and learn more video techniques and ideas to help you keep telling compelling stories.