How to become a camera operator.

This article offers some creative tips and tricks about how to use a digital camera to capture video clips like a professional camera operator.

In today’s world, lots of videos are shot using DSLR cameras and smartphones. Being a camera operator means knowing much more than just how to hit the record button. Digital electronics can automatically take care of most technical challenges, but a camera operator must know how to capture the right shot.

Tips and tricks for operating a video camera.

Get started on your way to becoming an accomplished camera operator with the following tips to capturing better video clips. As you master these, add more creative techniques to your repertoire — soon you’ll build a reputation as a pro.

The best way to be recognized as a skilled camera operator is to build a portfolio of your creative work. Keep practicing and try new shots and editing techniques. Apply your camera skills regularly while you learn even more tricks for creating videos.

Now that you know a few tips and tricks for operating a camera, discover what more you do to up your cinematography skills with Adobe Premiere Pro.