5 branding projects and design systems that pop

Your business’ branding instantly communicates so much about who you are and what you do before potential customers even interact with you. For small and medium businesses, it’s even more important to stand out from the crowd and use visual identity to connect with your audience.


What sets you apart and how do you want to be perceived? It’s a challenging question to think about but don’t worry, we’ve found five of our favourite branding projects and design systems from around the Asia-Pacific region to give you inspiration.

1. Dumpling Darlings



Foreign Policy for Dumpling Darlings 

Creative Cloud apps used: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign 


Singapore’s Dumpling Darlings breaks the mould of stereotypical Asian restaurants, with a brand identity and interior design drawing inspiration from Japanese heritage in a modern way. Combining a visual language featuring characters inspired by manga found in Shokudo (casual Japanese eateries), and a logotype drawing from the vertical writing and calligraphy of traditional Kanji, the branding brings to life a cosy casual bar with a quirky personality.










For the People for SMLXL 


Specialising in design, construction, fit-out and refurbishment, SMLXL’s branding needed to reflect the company’s belief that today’s needs and challenges require a new, more agile approach to the built environment. In an industry that demands fast, lean and agile, but is often slow and blown out, SMLXL’s brand identity aims to flip perceptions and plays on the idea of scale across every touchpoint – emphasising affordability, agility and an offering tailored to client needs of any size.







3. International Symposium on Computational Media Art

(Hong Kong)


Trilingua Design for International Symposium on Computational Art 


Bringing together academics, artists and computational media art professionals to explore the topic of machine learning and art, Hong Kong’s International Symposium on Computational Media Art needed a visual identity to reflect this futuristic yet modern theme. Designed by Trilingua Design, the visual identity explores whether the birth of AI will become the artistic pioneer of the new world. A real blurring of art vs science.







4. Nutrition Templ



Percept for Nutrition Templ 


To appeal to the new generation of fitness fanatics, Nutrition Templ needed a brand identity that reflected how they viewed working out: it’s a way of life. Having developed a name that captured this nutrition movement, Percept created a wordmark design built around a contemporary take on the idea of a temple, forging a brand identity around it with a strong tone of voice with a quirky personality, giving a strong and relatable persona.







5. Dimple



Universal Favourite for Dimple 


Launching in February 2019 in a highly competitive market, contact lens company Dimple needed to reposition a traditionally stale, impersonal product to something that resonates with its millennial-skewed market. With a design based on the fact everyone’s left and right eye prescriptions are different, Universal Favourite and Dimple created a vibrant brand identity that also served a more practical purpose. Having created custom patterns or IDs for each eye strength rating (from -12.00 to +6.00), the bright designs help easily identify the pack specific to each eye – especially when people don’t have their contacts in!







Ready to make your brand pop? First thing’s first, you’ll need a logo. We’ve got you covered with this tutorial on how to design a logo. If you’re looking for inspiration or want to share your own amazing creations, head over to Behance.


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