Memorable family photoshoot ideas.

These ideas will spark inspiration for a family photoshoot that’s as fun as it is special.

Family photos are memorable keepsakes, capturing special moments in time and the love you share. But they can also be a big headache. You need to get everyone in the same place, at the same time, smiling, and looking happy to be there. Make your next family shoot a fun affair with some of these ideas.

Top tips for family photos.

The goal is to avoid the stuffy, color-coordinated, awkward photos where no one looks happy. And the more natural your family photoshoot feels, the more likely you are to get images that are both authentic and frame-worthy.

Consider some of these tips when you’re shooting, and get priceless candid shots:

Shoot at home: Why not capture the time you spend together in the very home you share? Pick your favorite room and shoot away; the intimacy will shine through. Sprawl on the couch together and read a book. Cook up a favorite recipe in the kitchen. Hanging out together in your own space creates moving family portraits that are more candid and less canned.

Do your favorite activity: Another way to create a fun and authentic family photo is by planning your shoot around an activity you enjoy doing as a family. Maybe it’s playing kickball together, running around with the dog, grilling on the deck. When you’re already having fun, the ease of your shared love really comes out.

Pick a special spot: Is there a particular place that means a lot to your family? The beach you visit every summer? The slopes you ski every winter? Whatever it is — near or far — make that place the setting of the photoshoot. Not only does a new scene create an interesting background, it also highlights fond family memories.

Get more pro tips.

Explore more tips for getting that perfect family photo, from selecting the best lens to finding the most flattering light. And be sure to edit your photos to elevate their effects. See what you can do with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to take your photos to the next level.