Vlog intro tips to grab viewer attention.

Want to capture viewer attention? Here’s how to create a vlog intro that makes your audience want to keep watching.

The intro is arguably the most important part of your vlog. It’s what captures a viewer’s attention, tells them what the video is about, and encourages them to continue watching. Here are a few tips to boost your vlog intro game.

Summarize what the video is about.

Viewers don’t want to watch a vlog if the topic doesn’t interest them. So, make sure everyone who clicks on your video knows what it’s about within the first few seconds.

In your vlog intro, summarize the basic gist of what you’re discussing in the video or show a few highlights from what’s coming next. Not only does this confirm for viewers that they’re about to enjoy content that interests them, it will also draw them in and encourage them to keep watching.

Keep it short.

Internet attention spans are short, and so should your intro be. Most vlog intros are between three and seven seconds. Some videos, depending on the type of content, have intros as long as 20 or 30 seconds. But typically, the shorter and more concise you can make it, the better.

Add attention-grabbing features.

Vlog intros need to be snappy and attention-grabbing. Add unique features that really capture the viewer’s gaze, including:

To add these features to your vlog intros, you’ll need a video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro. Video editors make it easy to transform and splice your raw footage into an intro that will leave your viewers begging for more. Get more video tips to make great videos.

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