What is a brand film?

Learn more about brand videos — what they are, and how to make them.

Videos are memorable, shareable storytelling vehicles. So they’re perfect for advertising brand content in an authentic way. Learn more about how to create a brand narrative and film a video that consumers will remember.

How to make a brand film.

  1. Define the key message. What is the purpose of the video? To sell a product? To raise awareness? The more you stay focused on and aligned around a few key pieces of information, the clearer the story will be.
  2. Strike the right tone. You want your brand video to reflect the brand’s voice and persona, for an authentic narrative that feels natural. Make sure you have a clear understanding of brand guidelines before diving in.
  3. Keep it simple. You’re not making an investigative film. A brand video should be short, sweet, and shareable. Stick to one storyline per video and keep videos under three minutes.
  4. Repeat. A good brand narrative has “legs” in other words, it generates lots of opportunities for storylines to build off of it. This is how viral brand series are created. When you’re creating your brand film, think about how you can evolve it over time: repeating key messages, maintaining tone, and driving brand awareness along the way.

Do more with your videos.

Explore how you can use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit viral brand videos. And learn about more techniques and ideas to elevate your next video project.