Adobe Product Improvement Programme


The Adobe Product Improvement Programme is designed to understand and anticipate customer needs in order to deliver world-class products and solutions. Participation is voluntary and information collected is only associated with a particular device.


What information is collected?

  • System information, such as operating system, processor and memory installed
  • Browser type and version
  • Adobe product information such as version
  • Adobe feature usage such as menu options or buttons selected

Please note that Adobe does require some information for Activation purposes.

What products are currently participating?

  • CT: CS5, CS5.5, CS6 desktop apps
  • CC Most pre-2014 release CC desktop apps, Muse CC (2014 release) 32-bit version.
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard/Pro and Adobe Reader versions 9, X, XI
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements, Elements Organizer
  • Adobe Captivate

You can easily check if a product is participating by choosing Help. If you see Adobe Product Improvement Programme, that product is participating in the programme.

Please note this programme does not apply to the 2014 release of Creative Cloud desktop apps, To learn more about information collection related to these products, click here.

How will Adobe use the information?

Information collected will be used to develop new features and improve Adobe products. 

How is my privacy protected?

Adobe takes many precautions in protecting the information that is collected and transmitted. You can learn more about how we handle user information by reviewing Adobe’s Privacy Policy.

Since only device information is collected, the data will not be meaningful to anyone outside of Adobe.

How does it work?

You choose to participate and allow Adobe to send usage data, associated with a randomly assigned user ID from your computer to Adobe. Participation requires a small configuration file will be downloaded to your computer from time to time. The purpose of the file is to update the configuration of the data that is collected. If you are off-line at any time, the data will be sent the next time you are online. This will not affect performance.

Additionally, for some Adobe products, you may receive a request within the product to participate in a brief two-question anonymous survey asking for feedback. Participation is optional and separate from your participation the Adobe Product Improvement Programme. Survey data will be returned directly to Adobe’s secure database for analysis by the responsible product team.

How do I participate?

After Adobe products are installed, you will be presented with a dialogue box asking if you would like to participate in the programme. If you do not recall responding to this dialogue box, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch your Adobe product.
  2. Choose Help > Adobe Product Improvement Programme.
  3. When the dialogue box appears select either "Participate," "Allow" or "Yes," depending on the choice offered.

What if I change my mind?

To stop participating,

  1. Choose Help > Adobe Product Improvement Programme.
  2. Select either "Do Not Participate," "Don't Allow" or "No," depending on the choice offered.

To join the programme,

  1. Choose Help > Adobe Product Improvement Programme.
  2. Select either "Participate," "Allow" or "Yes," depending on the choice offered.

Will I receive spam if I participate in the programme?

You will not receive any email from Adobe regarding this programme, regardless of whether you participate.

Do I need an Internet connection?

An Internet connection is required to participate in this programme. However, you do not need to be connected all the time. When an Internet connection becomes available, the information is automatically transmitted with minimal impact to your connection.

Can I see the data that is collected before it is sent to Adobe?

No, the information cannot be displayed. This programme is designed to work for millions of users without affecting their product use, so the data is sent automatically only after the product is closed. The data is also encoded so that it can be processed efficiently.

How long does the programme last?

Information is collected as long as you use the product version for which you have agreed to participate or until you decide to stop participating in the programme.

After I agreed to participate in the programme, you asked questions about my job. Why?

The optional demographic information helps us to understand features used in your particular job, industry and company size, so we can develop better workflows and features to suit your needs.