Taking an ethical approach to artificial intelligence.

With the explosion of data and AI, Adobe is working to understand the effects on our customers and society — and we’re committed to developing AI in an ethical way.

“AI is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to make an enormous impact on society. At Adobe, we are committed to ensuring that AI is developed responsibly, to serve our creators while respecting our customers.”

Dana Rao, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Trust Officer

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How we’re developing AI responsibly.

Adobe is taking a deliberate and thoughtful approach by establishing infrastructure and principles to help guide our AI efforts.

We’ve established guiding principles.

To help ensure the ethical deployment of AI in our products, we’ve created the following core principles:


We’re committed to taking ownership of the impacts of our work by having processes in place and resources dedicated to receiving and responding to internal and external concerns.


We’ll be responsible during every phase of designing, deploying, and maintaining our AI systems through thoughtful evaluation and careful due diligence.


We’ll be open about our development process and explain our use of AI to our customers so they have a clear understanding of our AI systems and their application.

Learn more about our principles | Download a PDF

We’ve created the Adobe Ethics Committee.

Since AI lives at the intersection of technology and human insight, we needed a range of perspectives to help us form our principles and determine our approach. Our ethics committee includes experts from around the world with diverse professional backgrounds and life experiences, and we’re confident in their ability to guide our efforts.

We’ve set up an AI Ethics Review Board.

The board makes recommendations to help guide our development teams, and it also reviews new AI features and products to ensure that they live up to our principles. The board is empowered to stop deployment of any feature that doesn’t meet our standards.

How we’re using AI today.

Adobe Creative Cloud

AI unleashes our customers’ creativity in new ways, removes tedious and time-consuming tasks from their daily work, and makes it easier for them to tell their stories while spending more time on inspiration and design.

Adobe Document Cloud

Our AI-enabled features help streamline form-based processes — from how digital documents are consumed to how organizations extract document intelligence to gain a competitive advantage — resulting in a smoother, more enjoyable PDF experiences.

Adobe Experience Cloud

Enterprises use our AI to analyze customer journey data that informs decisions, deliver personalized experiences at scale to key audiences, manage data-driven marketing content, and more.

AI ethics inquiry or issue?

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