Font Embedding Notification

Different font creators or foundries have different embedding permissions related to their font software. You may embed font software, or outlines of font software, into your electronic documents to the extent that the font vendor copyright owner allows for such embedding.

All fonts produced by Adobe Systems can be embedded in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) files, as well as other types of files. However, the end user license agreement for fonts from other foundries may not allow embedding, even though Adobe Acrobat® may be technically able to embed either the entire font or a subset of that font. To determine whether a given font can legally be embedded in a PDF document or other file, you should contact the original foundry that created the font software.

This document contains detailed information on how to identify and contact the creator of a font.

How to identify a foundry

The easiest way to determine the creator of a font is to refer to any ReadMe files or documentation that accompanied the font at purchase.

If you do not have this documentation, there are a number of options for getting the font foundry information from the font itself, or from related data files. Here are some common ways of getting the font creator information.

Use ATM Deluxe's sample window
If you have Adobe Type Manager® (ATM®) Deluxe, use the sample sheet function to obtain font creator information. Microsoft® Windows® users can access this function either from within ATM or by double-clicking on the font file directly.

View the AFM file
If the font came with an AFM (Adobe Font Metrics) file, you can open this file in a text editor or word processor, such as SimpleText, WordPad, or Microsoft Word. There is usually a copyright notice near the beginning of the AFM file, which will have the name of the foundry or font creator.

Use the Get Info command (Macintosh only)
Select the font's screen suitcase or the printer font file. Then choose Get Info from the system File menu (Command+I). Any associated copyright or vendor information will display in the Get Info window.

Use the Microsoft Font Properties extension (Windows only)
Download the Microsoft Font Properties extension, which provides extensive information about TrueType and OpenType® fonts. Install the font properties extension, right-click the font, and choose Properties. Check the Embedding tab for embedding information, and the Names and Links tabs for information on how to contact the vendor.

Use the TrueType sample sheet (Windows only)
Double-click on the font; an OS- or ATM-provided sample sheet will be displayed. The font vendor will be listed near the top of the sample sheet. This works for TrueType fonts only, unless you have Windows 2000 or later, or have installed Adobe Type Manager.

How to contact a foundry
Once you've determined which foundry created the font, you may wish to contact the foundry to discuss the font's embedding permissions or to report a problem.

If contact information is not included in the identifying information specified above, try Microsoft's directory of type foundries. If a foundry is not listed in Microsoft's directory, try searching on the Web for more information. Most foundries are listed on the Web.

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