Watch the on-demand webinar: Transform Vectors into 3D Scenes with Ai + Substance 3D.

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Texturing and staging of 3D vectors can help creators elevate their illustrations to new levels of creativity, but the introduction of new tools can add unnecessary complexity to workflows.


With streamlined integrations of familiar apps like Adobe Illustrator with Substance 3D tools, designers can create realistic 3D mockups, logos, and other brand elements.


In this on-demand webinar, Transform Vectors into 3D Scenes with Illustrator + Substance 3D, 3D artist Michael Tanzillo and Principal Creative Evangelist Paul Trani will help you explore how to level up vectors with 3D texturing and staging tools that integrate seamlessly with Creative Cloud apps.


You’ll learn how to:


  • Level up 2D vector files in Adobe Illustrator with customizable 3D textures
  • Export simple 3D models from Illustrator and bring them to life with powerful 3D painting and material creation tools
  • Create realistic renders of 3D brand elements with easy-to-learn staging tools



Paul Trani
Principal Creative Evangelist


Michael Tanzillo
3D Artist