The basics of video post-production.

A video isn’t finished when the shooting is over. Find out what happens after that, and learn what video post-production is.

Raw video footage is like an uncut diamond — it hasn’t yet received the polishing that will make it truly shine. Video production is a long process, and post-production is the last step that turns raw footage into a complete video that will have real impact.

But what is video post-production, exactly? Let’s take a quick look at what goes into it.

Post-production explained.

Post-production could also be called the editing phase. You can think of post-production as building a puzzle, and the pieces are your raw footage. All you have to do is put it all together.

But, like building a complex puzzle, post-production is far from simple. The process can take as long as the original planning and shooting — if not longer. Post-production isn’t one single job; it can include any or all of the following:

No matter what needs to be done, the ultimate goal of post-production is always the same. At the end, you want to have a polished video for your audience.

Video editing tools for post-production.

Professional post-production teams usually have many different specialists, but you can do it all on your own. You just have to put in more work and learn to use several different tools.

A powerful video editing software, like Adobe Premiere Pro, has everything you need for video post-production. With Premiere Pro, you can trim and cut video, adjust colors, edit audio, add animations and effects, and more.

Now that you know what post-production is, learn more about video production and editing.

And find out how you can use Premiere Pro to make your videos shine.