How to grow a Showpo

Starting in the corporate finance space, Jane Lu was keen to leave the drudgery of partitioned-office life behind. Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, she went out on her own. In 2010, one month after her first business failed, she kept hustling and began building Showpo from her parent’s garage.


Opening, then closing stores in favour of an online-only presence, the business leveraged social media to build a highly engaged community, moving into their first Sydney office in May 2012.


Expanding into jewellery, accessories and homewares, Showpo outgrew 6 offices in 8 years. From a laptop and two shelves of clothes, this go-to place to shop now ships to 80 countries, and is on-course to turnover $100 million in sales by 2020.


‘The online fashion industry is such an exciting space to be in. It’s at the forefront of the tech industry, and that’s what makes coming to work so exciting for us,’ says Lu.


Expand through creative impact

Now one of Australia’s fastest-growing online fashion retailers, Jane heads a team of 120. As well as a fashion empire, Showpo are also marketing trailblazers, tech innovators, and data-driven creative leaders. 


‘We have an amazing team of people that are a mix of right and left brain thinkers. We’re very creative and innovative, but we always back everything with data, and that’s how we know we’re making the right decision,’ says Lu.


Uniquely connected to its customers, this online fashion house has a social following of over 3.5 million.


Making creative collaboration easier

With a diverse team, Showpo leads the industry in creativity and innovation. The company’s decisions are directed by skillfully using data to future-proof their offerings. From there, shaping their success comes down to the agility and sophistication of their creative tools. 


Enter Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams. These crucial tools make life easier, allowing Showpo to seamlessly realise their marketing and social media vision. Adobe Creative Cloud for teams helps Showpo bring creative concepts to life, and unlock a new level of potential, all with increased turnaround time. 


‘We use Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams from when we’re designing, to when we’re shooting products for the website, for campaigns, making video content, emails, newsletters, literally across the entire process for the whole team.’


Your creativity and productivity platform

Creative Cloud for teams is the portal to your creative world; to drive ideas and finish creations more quickly and easily. Express your concepts, and own your space with impact and speed.


Because shoppers purchase on the move, Creative Cloud for teams follows suit. Creativity doesn't happen only at your desk, so we make it easy to move files among applications to unleash all its power. By seamlessly working in multiple applications, keep creating at the cutting edge.


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