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Moodle LMS Integration

Languages: English, Spanish (additional languages upon request)


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AuthorCoSo Cloud


Moodle LMS Integration 

Streamline your virtual classrooms, office hours, and study group workflows while realizing improved security between Adobe Connect and your Moodle LMS.


  • Securely create, manage, and launch Adobe Connect meetings from within your LMS environment
  • Allow students to enter meetings by simply clicking "Join" through Single Sign On (SSO) capability
  • Empower students to create their own virtual study groups
  • Easily host recurring virtual office hours across multiple courses
  • Schedule mulitple meeting sessions for a single course
  • View, manage, and download your Adobe Connect recordings directly in Moodle
  • Enable class roster security feature when creating your meetings
  • Analyze session attendance reports directly within Moodle

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