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SSO and Security Login Portals



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SSO & Secure Login Portals

CoSo Cloud supports and configures any Single Sign On (SSO) as well as multi-factor authentication (i.e. Smartcard, RSA tokens, etc...) for any deployment type. Additionally, CoSo Cloud provides custom secure login portals.


  • Saves time for both admins and end users as it eliminates any user credential management and allows you to create a more customized SSO workflow
  • Supports authentication providers: Shibboleth, SAML, LDAP, CAS, Okta
  • Sync users from your corporate or institution database with your designated Adobe Connect users, or dynamically provision users on the fly
  • Fully customize the look, feel, and functionality to your organizations specific needs
  • Create links that use your internal SSO logic to Adobe Connect
  • Use the SSO portal to access meeting rooms, invitations, training courses, and events

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