Watch the on-demand webinar: Photography + 3D Rendering, Scaling Realistic Content

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Every time a photographer fields a shoot, they invest time, resources, and creative energy into getting a selection of quality photos. But even the best shoots only produce a finite amount of imagery to use in projects. Today, creatives are turning to 3D design tools to get more out of their photographic assets. 


During this on-demand webinar, Jim Babbage will explore how he got started with Adobe Substance 3D tools to augment his work as a photographer. 3D artist Michael Tanzillo will also show how to:


1. Create ultra-realistic compositions using existing photos, customizable 3D assets, and intuitive 3D design tools.

2. Develop a seamless workflow for 3D staging and rendering using Photoshop, Substance 3D Assets, and Substance Stager 3D.

3. Unlock new opportunities for experimentation and creativity by adding 3D to your design workflows.



Jim Babbage
Senior Solutions Consultant and Photographer


Michael Tanzillo
3D Artist