Creative Collaboration awaits.

Adobe partnered with The Drum to delve into creative collaboration and look at the tools and technologies used to help the creative process.

Read Creative Collaboration and discover how collaboration tools can help your business succeed.

The Drum

Why Creative Collaboration is important.

Our survey shows that 42% of marketers believe creative content will become more critical for the industry over the next five years, suggesting creativity will be a key skill for almost everyone in your organisation.

Technology that fuels collaboration will be increasingly valuable – six out of ten executives we polled said they knew these tools enabled teams to work more efficiently.

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Key findings from our survey.

Only 36% use creative collaboration tools.

Most creatives surveyed recognised how creative collaboration tools could improve their content. But only 36% said they currently used these tools actively in their business.

52% don’t use any collaboration tools.

More worryingly, 52% of respondents admitted that they don’t use any creative collaboration tools whatsoever.

Increased efficiency and productivity.

16% of respondents cited a rise in efficiency and productivity as the biggest benefits of using creative collaboration tools.

Better content, better decisions.

34% of respondents said using these tools gave their designers more time to focus on better content and 25% said they got deeper insights that informed better decision-making.

Delivering results.

Respondents recognised the sales potential in creative collaboration tools. 12% said using these tools would help to grow their business, while 4.3% believed clients were more satisfied after they had been used.

“Creative collaboration is the glue that holds us together,” says Jon Bancroft, associate creative director at VCCP. “Without collaboration we don’t work as a company”.

Tools bring ideas to life.

Respondents cited multiple reasons to adopt creative collaboration tools, including improved productivity (16%), business growth (12.9%), better communication (9.2%), more ideas (8.6%) and happiness (7.4%).

“Tools are what bring ideas to life and enrich our horizons with nre possibilities for execution,” says Damon Alva, creative director at Antoni. “This is the future and we have to embrace it.”

Creative Collaboration.

Read Creative Collaboration and discover how the rise of technology and collaboration tools can help your business succeed.

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