Create your own class schedule and never miss a lecture or a lab.

See how Adobe can help college students manage each semester’s new schedule.

Two college students working on creating their college schedule

The college schedule maker you need.

Whether you’re kicking off college as a freshman or it’s the beginning of a new semester in your senior year, the daily schedule of any college student can be a lot to keep track of. With lectures at different times on different days and online courses or labs that need unique login info, this isn’t the straightforward back-to-back class schedule of a high school student. It’s a complex balance of classes, commutes, studying, homework, projects, essay writing, and (if you’re lucky) time to eat lunch. To make sure you don’t miss a start time or study session, use Adobe InDesign as a class schedule maker and stay on top of every obligation, all week long.


Explore class schedule templates

Sample of a school planner

Details to consider for any new schedule.

A good schedule doesn’t just cover the where and when of your courses. It factors in travel time, helps you prioritize your responsibilities, and takes into consideration group projects and study groups. Here are some important details to include before jumping into schedule-builder mode.


  • Professor and class names for each course
  • Class, lecture, and lab start and end times
  • Class locations or links and login info for online learning courses
  • Travel time between class locations or how much time is needed to prep before an online course
  • Contact information for students in your study groups
  • How much work or study time is needed for projects or exams, and where that fits into your schedule
  • Free class time that’s open for scheduling meetings, studying, or group project work
  • Project deadlines and exam dates
A college student creating their college schedule on their computer

How to build your weekly schedule with Adobe.

An app like Google Calendar can be helpful for scheduling around classes, but InDesign templates allow you to visualize your tasks and obligations for fast insights. Create a master copy of your can’t-miss work schedule details by the week, month, or for the whole semester. It’s simple to get started in InDesign with template options created by professional designers. Then print your stylish schedule at different sizes so you can post it at your desk.


1. Make it easy:
Browse schedule templates in the New Document dialog. Many options from Adobe Stock are preloaded in InDesign, or you can explore Stock to view more.

Sample of a weekly planner created in Adobe InDesign

2. Make it stylish:
Choose from over 17,000 fonts to adjust the text, use the Swatches tool to tweak color options, and even add images from your library or search Adobe Stock to find pictures or icons.


3. Make it your own:
Add all your new class and schedule details. Drag and drop images and copy, and adjust every element to your liking.


4. Make it fit:
Adobe’s AI-powered Content-Aware Fit tool automatically fits text and images in each frame.


5. Make it final:
Save your finished schedule, export it in different digital file formats, or save it as a high-resolution PNG to print and keep on hand.


Show up on time with these schedule templates.

Find tons of options to fit your daily-schedule-maker needs with templates from Adobe Stock.


  • Personal planner: Like detail? Check out a ten-page schedule that gives you daily, weekly, and monthly options with expansive notes sections.
  • At-home daily planner: Perfect for online learning, keep yourself on track, even while working and studying from home, with this schedule template.


Master your weekly schedule.

Whatever template you choose, with schedule maker tutorials built in to InDesign, and many available online, you’ll be able to quickly create a well-designed and thorough plan to keep your semester on schedule. You’ll have one less thing to worry about, so you can focus on your coursework and all the other creative projects you can tackle with the apps in Adobe Creative Cloud.


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