Turn data science into the ultimate art form.


Adobe is one of the largest data collection platforms in the world, managing approximately 35 petabytes of customer data and processing one trillion transactions per quarter. But it’s not just the quantity of data — it’s the quality of the work that makes this an amazing time to be a data scientist at Adobe. Join us to turn data into impact as you analyze unique problems, draw inferences, test theories, and see your theories come to life in solutions that help our customers rack up business successes. 

Why data science at Adobe?

Why Data-Science?

Data quality

Two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies are our clients, including Nissan, MasterCard, and Hyatt.


Cutting-edge science

Our employees hold thousands of patents.


Executive focus

Our leaders see data science as essential to the future of our business.

Agility and stability

We have a 30-year track record but the soul of a startup.


Diverse opportunities

Expand your domain expertise in media, marketing, sales, or customer analytics — or even work with engineering in a product development role. 


Room to grow

Participate in conferences and reading groups, make university connections, take courses, apply for patents, publish, and get the ongoing education you need to do your best work.

Agility and stability

Get a slice of Adobe life.

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