Careers in Adobe Research.

Shape ideas and experiments into breakthrough technologies that fuel creativity and accelerate business transformation. 

Imagining, exploring, and inventing new realities.

At Adobe Research, world-class scientists, engineers, artists, and designers develop tomorrow’s technologies today.  Our collaborative projects advance the state of the art across a range of 12 research areas. Many of Adobe Research’s early-stage technologies become important elements of Adobe’s products, used by millions across the globe.

Discover our research areas.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

We help creators create and businesses innovate. We’re inventing a future where people are free from mundane tasks and empowered to create in new ways, and where businesses can identify, understand, and act on business insights at lightning speed to better serve their customers.  


AR, VR, and 360 photography

Today, work, play, and entertainment are happening in virtual and immersive environments. We’re building tools to help people collaborate better inside immersive experiences, enhance their sense of dimension in VR and AR, and make it easier for them to do advanced editing and sound creation for 360 images and videos.


Audio icon


Everyone expects their films, videos, games, and music experiences to sound amazing, but not everyone can achieve the highest production values. We want to change that. We’re reimagining audio technology to help people focus more on their creative ideas and less on their tools. We also work at the intersection of audio and video, augmented reality, and natural language processing. 


Computer vision, imaging, and video

Captivating visuals have the power to turn casual viewers into loyal fans and customers. We’re helping creators maximize the value of their imagery and videos by developing next-gen visual experiences and using data to up their game. We’re working on breakthroughs in object detection, segmentation, image search, video stabilization, captioning, denoising, and much more.


Content intelligence

Rich content is all around us, but only a tiny percentage gets noticed. We research content and consumers’ responses to it to measure impact and discover insights that companies can use to better reach and delight their customers. Help us discover what’s next in content by using natural language processing, computer vision, computational linguistics, information retrieval, psychographics, and consumer psychology.

Data intelligence

Big insights around big data — that’s what we’re going for. Join us to help enterprises use data to better understand the effects of their marketing efforts, automate decision-making wherever possible, and supercharge the effectiveness of their digital marketing systems.

Document intelligence

Far from being replaced by other communication technologies, documents are playing a bigger and bigger role in connecting people and making the workplace more productive. We’re working on reinventing documents to make creating, consuming, and collaborating on them easier and more engaging. Our researchers also explore how to extract information more effectively from documents, and how to navigate large document collections.


Graphics (2D and 3D)

We’re building technologies to make 2D and 3D graphics look even more eye-catching and realistic. Our team creates new algorithms and interfaces to extract, analyze, model, and render 2D and 3D geometry, material, lighting, and appearance for a range of applications, including new ways to draw and paint in 3D and advanced photorealistic rendering.


Human computer interaction

To design the digital tools of tomorrow, we need to understand how people use and live with technology today. Our team helps people learn to become efficient and thoughtful creators. We build tools to foster artistic collaboration, and we come up with new approaches to developing creative communities online. This work spans design, video, photography, art, VR and AR, and more.


Intelligent agents and assistants

Imagine a future where natural language–enabled creative assistants help new users get up to speed on digital tools, teach valuable skills, and handle routine work tasks. Already, intelligent agents are beginning to empower marketers to create engaging, educational, and timely customer experiences. Help us work toward these goals today. 


Natural language processing

How can computers better understand and interact with people through natural conversation and text? Our researchers collect and analyze massive amounts of natural-language data to help develop new technologies for intelligent conversational assistants, search, document intelligence and understanding, knowledge acquisition, content generation, and more.  

Systems and languages

Adobe Research works to empower engineers and developers with new tools so they can create more magic in less time. We research programming language techniques, compiler technologies, and scalable systems to help them efficiently develop cross-platform applications with correct, bug-free code. 

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