Spot the 3D difference with Adobe Substance 3D.

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Join our webinar for a visual, hands-on guide to elevating your 2D designs.


As a designer, you might think you don’t have any use for 3D design in your day-to-day projects. Join our live webinar to discover what your design looks like without 3D, and what it could look like in 3D. The difference will surprise you. 


Trying to mimic a 3D environment using a 2D tool is massively time-consuming, requires a huge amount of skill and time, and can be extremely inflexible. We’ll be sharing examples of how designing in 3D will give your work much more impact, and enable you to achieve outstanding results.  

Topics covered in this webinar include: 

  • Artwork examples created using only the assets, lights and materials provided by Substance 3D Assets and Adobe Stock.  
  • An example of how changing, replacing and rotating native 3D objects in Substance 3D Stager is much faster than using Photoshop.  
  • An example of how to wow clients with a photo-realistic 3D product mock-up rather than a flat PDF. 
  • How using 3D in designs gives you more creativity and flexibility, produces better quality results and helps you achieve a faster delivery time.  


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