Experience Cloud Security

Experiences built on a foundation of trust.

At Adobe, trust is foundational to everything we do. Adobe Experience Cloud is architected with privacy, compliance, and security in mind — so you can worry less and stay focused on creating state-of-the-art digital experiences for your customers. 

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Better detection and prevention rules

Security for your experiences and data.

You rely on us to secure the data that powers your experiences, and you should know exactly how we protect it.
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Detection and prosecution

Privacy is essential.

We go to great lengths to protect the privacy of your sensitive data in Experience Cloud. 
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Preventing product fraud

Compliance with industry standards.

As rules, laws, and regulations change, you can count on us to stay up to date and maintain compliance with the latest standards. 
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GDPR Privacy Practices Validation Findings 

This document provides independent validation by TRUSTe LLC for Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Analytics Cloud, and Adobe Advertising Cloud against their GDPR Privacy Practices Compliance Validation Requirements. 

Adobe Analytics Security Overview 

Learn about the security architecture and capabilities of Adobe Analytics, which enables you to use customer data to better target customers and improve the effectiveness of your marketing. 

Adobe Campaign Security Overview 

Learn about the security architecture and capabilities of Adobe Campaign, which delivers best-in-class campaign, offer, and personalization management for executing marketing programs across virtually every channel. 

Adobe Target Security Overview 

Explore the network architecture, data center configurations, and security features for user and campaign modules for Adobe Target. 

Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service Security Overview 

Explore the architecture and security capabilities of the new Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service web content management platform, and see how these features help ensure the safety of user information and content assets. 

Adobe Experience Manager as a Managed Service Security Overview 

Adobe Experience Manager web content and asset management is available on our Managed Services platform. Learn about the security capabilities and features of this offering. 

Adobe Experience Manager Screens Security Overview

AEM Screens is a secure digital signage solution that allows customers to publish dynamic and interactive digital experiences and interactions onto different types of digital screens. Learn more about the security capabilities of this offering.

Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre Security Overview 

Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre lets you engage consumers through a combination of real-time content, conversation, and social curation. This white paper describes the security procedures implemented. 

Adobe Magento Commerce Shared Responsibility Guide 

Magento Commerce is a Peas platform that relies on a shared responsibility security model in which Adobe, the customer,and cloud service providers each bear distinct responsibilities for maintaining the security of the solution. 

Adobe Magento Commerce Security Best Practices Guide 

This guide details techniques designed to help protect your installation of Adobe Magento Commerce from security incidents. We recommend Magento Commerce customers follow the guidance provided in this guide. 

Adobe Audience Manager Security Overview 

Learn how the security features and data architecture of Adobe Audience Manager help to protect the information you collect to build robust user profiles and uncover valuable web segments. 

Adobe Social Security Overview 

Adobe Social lets you monitor and moderate conversations, publishand promote content, and analyze engagement and conversion data. Learn about its security capabilities throughout the social media management lifecycle. 

Adobe Advertising Cloud Security Overview 

Adobe Advertising Cloud is an end-to-end platform for managing advertising across traditional TV and digital formats. This white paper details the overall security of the solution. 

Adobe Primetime Security Overview 

Adobe Primetime helps programmers and operators reach viewers on IP. connected screens. Learn about the architecture and security features available in Primetime to help protect content and user data.