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Human Creativity in the Age of AI

In the age of Generative AI, Human Creativity is called into question. Some creatives view it as a threat, others are embracing it as an opportunity. Discover an exploratory discussion of the profound impact of Generative AI on creativity.


Learn how generative AI can supercharge creativity and speed up the creative process.

On-demand Videos

  1. Opening Remarks 
    Marcus Christiansson, Head of Adobe Nordics – Digital Media, Adobe

  2. Adobe Vision & Back from MAX - the creative conference
    Johan Lopes Helgesson, Principal Solution Consultant, Adobe

  3. Human approach to Design - introduced by AFRY Experience Studios
    Rob Dolton, Experience Studios, AFRY

  4. Panel discussion
    Moderator: Johan Lopes Helgesson, Principal Solution Consultant, Adobe
    Anders Printz, Photographer, Motion and Postproduction Manager, IKEA
    Antti Karppinen, Digital artist, Photographer, Retoucher and Educator
    Arvid Niklasson, Director and Co-Founder of Analog VFX and VRPM London
    Jerlyn O’Donnell, Inclusive Experience Design Director and Gen AI Creative


Johan Lopes Helgesson

Johan Lopes Helgesson

Principal Solution Consultant,


As a Principal Solutions Consultant at Adobe, Johan Lopes Helgesson helps transform businesses and enterprises by leveraging the power of creativity, design, business, and technology.
With a core as a software developer and creative technologist, Johan is passionate about the intersection between art (content), science (data) and business.
An entrepreneur with keen eye for design and user experience, he's known for delivering digital services of the highest standards working within several media, design & advertising agencies in the UK and Sweden.

Rob Dolton

Rob Dolton

Experience Studios,


As Head of Design for AFRY Experience Studios, Rob is passionate about building teams that champion human centered design and helps clients to design the shift into new ways of centering business around design thinking. He defines the creative vision for Experience studios in Europe with presence across Sweden, Denmark, Italy and the UK.
Rob has over 20 years of experience which includes being a founding member of the Geely Design Studio in the UK and leading the new approach to physical and interaction design for Jaguar Land Rover.

Anders Printz

Anders Printz

Photographer, Motion and Postproduction Manager,


Photographer, Retouch & Postproduction Manager at IKEA, Anders Printz’s mission is to bring IKEA´s visualization into the next level with all means possible.
Anders explores all future possibilities to break boundaries to be able to reach the new creative heights of excellence in production with the help of AI.

Arvid Niklasson

Arvid Niklasson

Director and Co-Founder of
Analog VFX and VRPM London


Arvid Niklasson is one of three co-owners of Analog.
As a Creative Director he leads the technology development of Analogs real-time work and creative output.
He was also the lead developer on Bjork NotGet VR which won the Digital Grand Prix at Cannes. He is also a Swedish Grammis nominated musician.

Antti Karppinen

Antti Karppinen

Digital artist, Photographer,
Retoucher and Educator

Antti Karppinen is a Finnish digital artist, photographer, retoucher and educator known for his imaginative and often surreal compositions.
His work often blends photography with digital artistry to create evocative and storytelling images.
Beyond his artistic creations, Antti Karppinen is also recognized for his pioneering efforts in creating AI-generated images.
He is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into the realm of digital art, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with technology and creativity.

Jerlyn O’Donnell

Jerlyn O’Donnell

Inclusive Experience Design Director
and Gen AI Creative

Jerlyn O’Donnell is the founder of Design Lady, a small company focusing on helping companies with innovation in inclusive experience design in NY.
She’s an author and illustrator (she recently published a coffee table book about coffee written by AI called Artificial Aromas).
As a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, she is passionate about using it to enhance human creativity and to create more inclusive and accessible experiences for everyone.

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