The Craft of Film and Video Editing for effective storytelling


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Editing professionals bring audiences on epic emotional journeys by weaving together shots, cuts, transitions, and so much more into a compelling story.

Join us to learn how leading editors and directors build impactful stories from end to end — and get a peek at their latest projects.

You’ll see how you can uplevel your video and creative workflows with and Adobe Premiere Pro and streamline your editing process with powerful integrations that help you deliver stories from production to post.


In this live session we will explore: 

  • Learn how seamlessly your team can organize ideas, review footage and edits, and approve cuts from anywhere in the world.

  • Discover the Creative Cloud integrations that allow you to streamline post-production and save time so you can be more creative.

  • Explore the future of visual storytelling  — from generative AI to the metaverse and beyond. 


Caleb Ennis
Creative Studio Editor

Tracey Quezada
Director & Film Editor
Tracey Quezada Productions

Mandeep Sandhawalia
Independent Commercial Film Director & Producer