Design. Edit. Post: How ProSieben Sat.1 Transformed Their Content Creation Process

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Teams are under increasing pressure to curate relevant, timely and engaging content. You need the tools to unleash your creativity and stay on-brand in a click.


Join us to see how ProSieben Sat.1 transformed their digital marketing with Adobe Express, turning creative hurdles into efficient and compelling content delivery.

This session will explore ProSieben Sat.1's pivotal shift to Adobe Express and offer an inspiring blueprint for you to elevate your digital presence.


In this webinar you will:

  • Understand the creative challenges that led ProSieben Sat.1 to choose Adobe Express.
  • Discover ProSieben Sat.1's success in creating and publishing engaging social media content within minutes, setting a new benchmark for efficiency.
  • Learn about the seamless implementation of Adobe Express at ProSieben Sat.1 and the measurable impacts on their marketing success and ROI.
  • See some practical examples of how the designers and marketers at ProSieben Sat.1 worked together to achieve campaign success.




Samantha Meier 
Social Media Manager at ProSieben Sat.1

Celeste Menich
Strategic development manager - Adobe Express