Navigating the shift: Generative AI in Creative Roles



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This webinar offers a comprehensive look at how Generative AI is shaping creative industries. We will provide an introduction to Generative AI and how it works, followed by a discussion on common concerns and the realities of AI's impact on creative jobs.


The webinar showcases practical strategies for integrating AI into creative workflows, including live demonstrations, and concludes with a forward-looking perspective on the future of AI in creativity. This format aims to demystify AI's role and highlight its potential to enhance human creativity in various creative professions.


This webinar will explore the below:

  • An overview of Generative AI and its current place in creative industries
  • Addressing the concerns and misconceptions of AI
  • Case studies of successful AI and human collaborative projects
  • A live demo, consisting of a step-by-step process where AI is integrated into new and existing creative workflows
  • The future of creative AI – can you train your own model?



Johan Lopes Helgesson

Principal Solutions Consultant, Adobe