Unlocking the Future of Video Production

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Hear from experts in the video creation field


As video becomes an increasingly powerful medium for creatives in the marketing and advertising industry, there's no doubt that the process involved still presents significant challenges. This has created an efficiency crisis in video creation that if overcome will unlock significant time, resource, and cost savings.

Join our webinar in partnership with The Drum as we welcome experts in the video creation field to discuss the exciting future for video production. Our panel will focus specifically on how ease of collaboration can lead to better creative results and productivity.


In this session we explore: 

  • The potential for growth in video content creation.

  • The rise in demand for video creation and its driving factors.

  • The challenges faced in the video production process.

  • The importance of friction-free collaboration when creating video content and how this can lead to better creative ideas.



Ian Darby  

The Drum


Ian Flynn 

Executive Creative Director


Brit Phelan 

Director & Photographer 
Brit Phelan Enterprise


Mal Sobczak

Senior Art Director 
Ultra Brand Studio