3D Trends 2023: Retail in Focus 

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In the ever-changing and highly competitive Retail sector, it has become more important than ever to effectively engage consumers in compelling and the use of 3D in design is playing a critical role.

Both physical and online retail are evolving with retailers seeking improved experiences for their consumers, whilst the use of 3D is also creating new potential revenue streams.

This report, created in partnership with Havas Play, is one of a series of mini-reports taken from our Adobe 3D Trends 2023 research, drawing upon input from over 400 surveyed contributors, and expert insight from leaders within design.

The report includes:

  1. The ways in which 3D design is impacting the physical and online retail experiences
  2. The advantages being gained by innovative Retail brands
  3. The new opportunities 3D is providing the Retail sector