Connecting the Dots: How to transform the way creative teams collaborate

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The creative industry has never had to move so fast. 


As companies increasingly rely on digital media to engage audiences, pressure is mounting on the shoulders of individual creatives, studios and larger agencies. At the same time, people’s attention continues to move at rapid speed, meaning creative content has to work harder to stand out and be delivered at an ever-increasing pace. 


Given the industry’s rapid speed, creatives need tools and programmes to best support their momentum. With this in mind, Adobe collaborated with creative publisher, It’s Nice That, on a new report, Connecting the Dots, which investigates how creative leaders provide solutions to a whole host of creative challenges. 


Discover how to support teams across three key areas: Shareability, Visibility and Scalability.  This report includes real life examples of how Adobe solutions can lighten the load of non-creative tasks, so you can get on with dreaming up your next award-winning idea.


Join us in a future away from hectic servers, design file mishaps and difficult to decipher feedback by downloading the report.