Creative transformation: Unlocking the digital potential of Small and Medium Businesses.  

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No business without digital processes

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the world of business and the way in which we collaborate. For the creative industries and creative disciplines at small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, this change offers huge potential and the prospect of significant efficiency gains.


Understanding and actively shaping change

The explosion in demand for creative content, structural business changes to support remote or hybrid work, and new technologies and opportunities such as AI, automation and 3D design are gaining increased importance in a variety of creative work processes. Businesses that understand this change, take the right decisions and make themselves fit for the future can make the decisive difference and stand out from the competition.


Creative transformation from five perspectives

This ebook brings together the experience of a wide range of industry experts. We want to offer a clear and workable guide for decision-makers in the creative teams of small and medium-sized enterprises, filled with plenty of tips and inspiration for addressing day-to-day challenges.


The content


·        Creative transformation: Where does it lead?

·        Administrative challenges of creative work

·        Teamwork in hybrid and remote working models

·        Promoting creativity – providing structures and space for ideas

·        Future ready: keeping an eye on new developments, harnessing potential at an early stage