Aberdeen Research: E-Signatures Accelerate Workplace Transformation eBook UK.

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Now more than ever, businesses need to accelerate their digital transformation. With more employees working remotely, in-person transactions - like signing documents - are slowing down business processes.

Aberdeen research has found that when businesses switch to e-signatures they put increased power in the hands of remote workers, boost the ROI of their technology investments and become more efficient and productive. Find out how companies integrating e-signatures with their key business systems are gaining valuable benefits across their entire organisation, in our eBook ‘How e-signatures accelerate workplace transformation. 

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  • Companies integrating e-signatures with vital collaboration systems gain increased capabilities and reduce bottlenecks
  • Businesses integrating e-signatures with Microsoft Dynamics 365 are 70% more likely to attain their sales goals and 80% more likely to improve customer retention rates
  • E-signature solutions can significantly improve employee recruitment and onboarding
  • Businesses taking advantage of integrated e-signature solutions are 80% more likely to have high customer satisfaction. 

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Aberdeen Research: E-Signatures Accelerate Workplace Transformation eBook_UK

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