3 Reasons Why Adobe Acrobat Saves More than Documents

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The world of business is more connected than ever. Advances in technology let us work seamlessly with almost anyone, almost anywhere.  However, there are some traditional ways of working that persist. Lots of businesses rely on paper documents day in, day out, for contracts, invoices and more. Not only does this slow business down, it also has a significant environmental impact. The pulp and paper industry produces environmental problems from sources to drainage. This carbon footprint grows every time you print, courier or shred a document.


In this on-demand webinar, 3 reasons why Adobe Acrobat saves more than documents, Matthes Schucht, Solutions Consultant, Document Cloud, discusses the drawbacks and hidden costs of continuing to rely on paper-based processes. He also emphasises how Adobe Acrobat can assist businesses in not only reaping the benefits of reduced paper usage but also in enhancing productivity and security.


In this session you will see how Adobe Acrobat helps:


  • Get signatures in seconds, rather than days

  • Share documents with your colleagues to collaborate, without printing and sending them

  • Shrinking down the file size, to save your digital resources 

  • Ensuring your content can be viewed from anywhere on any device


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about the advantages of sustainable document workflows.


Michael Plimsoll

Matthes Schucht.
Solution Consultant


Matthes Schucht - Solution Consultant, specialising in Adobe's Document Cloud. With a focus on helping organisations achieve their digital transformation goals, Matthes provides strategic guidance and technical expertise tailored to each customer's unique needs. Matthes remains up to date with industry trends, ensuring that he delivers the latest insights to strengthen organisations' document management and digital security practices.