Making digital documents more accessible. For everyone.


Evolutions in technology allow us to cater to an increasingly diverse and inclusive market. Many organisations still struggle taking their first steps in the world of document accessibility – which leads to potential liabilities, loss of business or brand damage.  


In this on-demand webinar, 3 Steps to Digital Document Accessibility Success: Understanding, Implementation and Compliance where our accessibility expert, Rojan Modir highlights the benefits of introducing a handful of simple accessibility steps. Including these into your everyday document processes will allow you to reach a broader group of people and help improve compliance with government requirements. 


Whether you’re an IT professional or head of department, this session will provide an understanding of the basics of digital document accessibility and how it's crucial to ensuring your organisation's digital transformation success in an increasingly diverse and inclusive market. 


Join us to learn about: 


  • Get a better understanding of what accessibility is, how it impacts your business and how to get started. 
  • Why Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word are essential to your business for creating accessible documents. 
  • How to support your organisation in meeting the requirements for accessibility standards. 


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about the advantages of digital document accessibility.



Rojan Modir - Senior Solution Consultant, based in Stockholm, Sweden with a passion for digital document and accessibility. With four years of experience working at Adobe, Rojan is specialized in Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Sign, helping clients optimise their document workflows and improve digital accessibility for all. Prior to his role at Adobe, Rojan worked for one of the biggest resellers of IT infrastructure in the Nordics, with a focus on Adobe software.

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