Integrated document workflows - Signed and Sealed.

The future of work is digital-first and experience-driven.


In an era where organisations embrace digital transformation and hybrid workforces, accessing data from anywhere has become the new norm. However, this shift brings forth new and heightened security challenges that demand the attention of IT teams, security and heads of department professionals.


According to the latest studies conducted by London Research and Adobe, more than 70% of IT decision-makers think their organisation is more venerable to security issues due to the rise of remote work among employees.


In this on-demand webinar on 4 ways to build integrated document workflows with e-signatures Matthes Schucht, Solutions Consultant at Adobe and Linus Gregoriadis, Co-Founder and Director at London Research, discuss the challenges and benefits of digitising document workflows. 


In this session our experts will discuss:

  • Explore how the shift to remote and hybrid work models has reshaped the way we handle digital documents.
  • Insights into the expectations and requirements of decision-makers to ensure success in the digital document landscape.
  • Benefits of secure integrated document workflow tools, including e-signature and e-sealing.
  • The best approach for companies to win with digital transformation. 


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about the advantages of integrated document workflows. 



Matthes Schucht - Solution Consultant, specialising in Adobe's Document Cloud. With a focus on helping organisations achieve their digital transformation goals, Matthes provides strategic guidance and technical expertise tailored to each customer's unique needs. Matthes remains up-to-date with industry trends, ensuring he delivers the latest insights to strengthen organisations' document management and digital security practices.

Linus Gregoriadis - Co-Founder and Director at London Research, an experienced digital marketing and technology analyst, specialising in thought-leadership content for B2B technology companies. London Research is a sister company to Digital Doughnut, the world’s largest community of marketers and digital professionals and also to Demand Exchange, an advanced B2B lead generation platform. Linus previously spent more than a decade setting up and building the research function at Econsultancy, a digital research and training company now owned by Centaur Media.

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